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Get Healthy! Get Happy!

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Happy Clients

Specific Strategies

“Melanie Cool exudes joy and it is contagious! Her specific strategies for focusing on what is beautiful and achievable in this current moment, this current situation have helped me to celebrate rather than ruminate. She helps you regain your sense of power to relish in who you were created to be and to embrace your life’s purpose!” 

~Laura N., Bellingham, WA

Concrete Ways to Improve

Melanie is entertaining and humorous. The bonus is the information that allows me concrete ways to improve. I love having these strategies in my toolbox and I can see using them for the rest of my life. I’ve spent a lot of money on programs and videos. The experience with Melanie is priceless. I will continue working with her, she knows her stuff!” 

~Sarah B., Honolulu, HI

Boost Your Happiness

“If you want to boost your happiness and get unstuck from negative thinking, I highly recommend you sign up for this with Melanie Cool. Using the tools she teaches, I upped my energy, creativity, and daily joy. Melanie’s tools work!”

~Carolyn C., Spokane, WA

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