melanie cool paddle

Hi! I’m Melanie Cool

Hopeful! Optimistic! Enthusiastic!

I wear a lot of different hats! I am a Well-Being Coach, Inspirational Speaker, Educator, Workshop Coordinator, Level One CrossFit Trainer, and Licensed Mental Health Counselor just to name a few!

I can balance all these roles because I practice what I preach: the life-changing tenets of Positive Psychology, the science of well-being. I have over 30-years’ experience managing, teaching, coaching, and counseling, providing me with purpose and meaning.

I use what I have learned to help others, thus far well over 1,000 people, to increase their well-being by guiding them to process and have gratitude for their past, celebrate the present, and embrace the abundant possibilities of their future.

My Bachelor in Arts in Psychology is from Western Washington University and my Master’s in Counseling Psychology from Argosy University. I grew up in Hawaii and have lived in Bellingham, Washington for 35 years. I love all my roles especially Daughter, Mom, and Tutu (Grandma.)

Let’s get started!

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