Happy New Year?

I’m not feeling very happy.

What?! How can a happiness expert not be happy?!

Well…being happy doesn’t mean being happy all the time.

Truthfully, I’ve been beating myself up for all the things I did not accomplish in 2023.

I didn’t lose that 30 pounds, I didn’t finish my memoir, I didn’t earn enough money, I didn’t connect with my friends as much as I wanted, I didn’t have enough fun, the list goes on and on.

And then I start thinking about all the things I need to do in 2024 to be successful.

Can you relate?

Let’s not beat ourselves up for all the things we didn’t accomplish in 2023. And let’s not rush to figure out all the things we need to do in 2024 to fix ourselves.

Let’s do this. Look in the mirror. Find the love in those eyes looking back at you.

Let’s be gentle with ourselves and acknowledge the resilience it took to make it through 2023.

And with gratitude, let’s welcome a new journey in 2024 and take each day as it comes.

Because here’s the thing, happiness is about recovering. Happiness = Resilience.

P.S. If there is anything you need to leave in 2023, message me. You are safe with me 💕

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