I grew up in Hawaii. In fourth grade I wanted to be a princess in the May Day ceremony. May Day is a big deal and schools have programs where there is a king and a queen and a princess for each island. At my school we had the opportunity to vote for who would be who. I was super excited. I could imagine myself in the beautiful silky long elaborate dress walking down the red carpet smiling at everyone and everyone oooing and awwing. However when the votes came in, no one voted for me. Not one vote. I felt my cheeks get hot and my heart started to pound. My teacher saw that I was upset and took me outside. She said, “I know you really wanted to be a princess, but I have a better idea, how about you be the announcer?”  I said, “What is that?” And she said, “It’s really neat, you get to talk the WHOLE time!”  I was always getting in trouble for talking out of turn, in fact most of my report cards since preschool say I talk too much! I was constantly being told to be quiet, pipe down, you’re too loud, stop talking and on and on and on. So I was the announcer and I will never forget it, it was so much fun. That teacher allowed me the opportunity to use one of my strengths in a healthy way. My speaking career was launched.

I started practicing and my dad helped me. My dad has hearing loss and he encouraged me to speak slowly, clearly, and enunciate.

I entered speech contests and in the eighth grade won first place in state for storytelling. In high school I was MC for assemblies and tried out to be MC for graduation. I did not get it and was devastated. My Dad assured me it was most likely a popularity contest and not based on speaking ability in which case I most definitely would have got it.

Throughout my life I have gravitated towards speaking publicly and what teachers found frustrating has  turned out to be my vocation! As a Coach, Speaker, Teacher, and Mental Health Counselor, I use my speaking ability every day.

I’m so grateful I did not get to be a princess!

Has anything happened in your life that didn’t go the way you wanted and actually ended up better?

Are there any skills or abilities you have that are not being utilized?

I would love to hear your story, please contact me!

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