This Saturday I went to a CrossFit Affiliate Seminar in Canada. As the only U.S. affiliate in attendance, they welcomed me with open arms.

I even had the opportunity to talk with some “higher ups” at CrossFit to let them know my story and my hopes and dreams of helping women over 50 get healthier and happier.

This picture shows the emotion of our conversation and see how they are leaning in listening to me? I felt safe. I felt seen, heard, and understood.

I hope you know you are safe with me. I see you. I will listen. I will understand. I will help you get to where you want to go.

Make 2024 your year to finally get healthy, get happy.

Reply or comment to this post, and let’s have coffee, my treat 😘

Here is a fun picture from the day, every single person in this photo is dedicated to improving lives, isn’t that powerful? Can you find me?!

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