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Well-Being Coaching

Let’s increase your happiness so you can be a better version of you. I will assess your strengths and teach you how to use them in work, love and play using proven interventions from Positive Psychology to increase your well being. You will find gratitude for your past, zest for the here-and-now, and hope for the future.

Movement Coaching

I will work with you to move better. No matter what your ability, I will help you learn ways to move your body to become stronger and do things you like to do, can’t do, or haven’t done before. This results in increased strength, flexibility, energy, confidence, and feeling better.

Nutrition Coaching

We will set personalized goals and create a custom plan. I will share the most current research on nutrition and help you choose what is best for you. Diets don’t work but lifestyle changes do.

Career Coaching

Looking for your next career move but unsure of where to go? I will guide you through a process of assessing your strengths, values and needs, and what makes your heart sing. With that information we can come up with several ideas for your next steps.

Public Speaking Coaching

As a life long public speaker I have learned proven methods to provide thoughtful presentations. My delivery is deliberate yet flexible, professional yet personable. I am happy to share my methods with you so you can be an effective, confident speaker.

Mental Health Counseling Supervision and Coaching

As a Washington State Approved Supervisor I provide individual or group supervision.

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Receive personal messages from me with simple steps establishing do-able daily habits creating lasting results to feel healthier and happier every day.


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