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  • Finding Your Bliss (Discovering and implementing your individualized happiness plan)
  • Finding the Work You Love (Re-Careering based on health and happiness)
  • The Art of NOW (Six Steps to Living in the Moment)
  • Finding your Second Act (Whats Next, a New Career, a New Passion, Let’s Get Creative)
  • Take This Job and LOVE It (Five Steps to Enjoying the Job You Already Have)
  • Shift Happens (Transform Negative Thinking to Positive Thinking)
  • The Three Secrets to Happiness (Where Happiness Really Comes From and How to Get More of It)
  • Five Days to Happiness (Five Elements to Happiness, Building on The Three Secrets)
  • Thriving Challenge (A Six Week Deep Dive to Discovering and Implementing your Personalized Health and Happiness Plan)

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Past Events

  • TIAA Keynote Speaker
  • Thriving Challenge
  • The 3 Hours to Happiness Corporate Seminar
  • Shift/Pivot International Conference
  • Three Secrets to Happiness Interactive Course
  • Whatcom Community College Classified Staff Retreat
  • Whatcom Community College Exempt Staff Development Day
  • Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault Services Staff Retreat
  • Opportunity Council Staff Retreat
  • Whatcom County Domestic Violence Commission
  • Western Washington University Financial Aid Office Staff Retreat
  • City of Bellingham IT Department Staff Retreat
  • Bellingham Endodontics Employee Training
  • Sargento, Inc. Employee Training
  • Whatcom Educational Credit Union Manager Training
  • Hearing Loss Association of America Annual Kickoff
  • Cochlear Americas
  • Visually Impaired of Skagit County
  • Josephine Home Luncheon
  • Christ the Servant Lutheran Church Adult Forums
  • Christ the Servant Lutheran Church Women’s Retreat
  • Lutheran Counseling Network Retreats
  • Christ the King Lutheran Women’s Retreat
  • How of Happiness Lunch Series
  • Community Band Exhibition Annual Event
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